Thursday, April 17, 2008

well, hello

I thought it was time I joined the blogging world, so hello, blogging world!

A brief introduction. I'm a 24-year-old chronic migraine sufferer. I've had migraines as far back as I can remember, but I wasn't diagnosed until I was 20. Before that, I thought I what I had were "sinus headaches", but I was mistaken.

I'm going through a particularly bad migraine cycle right now, which has been going on almost two years. Since last November, I've had constant pain 24/7, despite the effort of several doctors whom I've either fired or who have referred me elsewhere. I will be seeing a new headache specialist (neurologist #4) next month.

I do my best to cope with the constant pain, and would be lost without my DBF and fuzzy Madcat. I would be hopeless without the wonderful support and information on the MyMigraineConnection forums.

A brief explanation about migraine. Migraine is a genetic neurological disease, and is not just a headache. About 36 million Americans suffer from migraine, more than those who suffer from asthma, diabetes and coronary heart disease combined. Yet migraine remains underdiagnosed and undertreated. I'm fortunate that I have a diagnosis and some form of treatment, even though the treatment hasn't put so much as a dent in the pain.

Welcome again to my fledgling blog. Glad to have you here!



Eileen said...

Welcome to the blogging world MJ!!!

You will find it much addictive!!!!

Love and Hugs!!!!

Kelly said...

Yea! You are blogging. How fun! I'm not, but it seems very fun.