Saturday, May 10, 2008

stroke awareness month

May is Stroke Awareness Month. Pam over at Pink Pearl Girl's Migraine World wrote a great blog entry about stroke, so instead of repeating everything she wrote, I'll link you to it.

Migraine symptoms can often mimic stroke, so I'll remind all my fellow migraineurs out there to have any new symptoms checked out immediately by a doctor. If your symptoms mimic a stroke and are new to you, don't hesitate - call 911 and get help. I had a scary experience of this myself last month, and while I turned out to be okay, I don't for a minute regret having DBF call 911 for me. When dealing with the brain, you don't want to mess around!



Pam said...

Thanks, MJ! Stroke awareness is sooooo important especially for us Migraineurs. Knowing ALL the Stroke symptoms, knowing what symptoms are not associated with Stroke, and knowing when to call 9-1-1 can reduce disabilities caused by Stroke and save lives!
Pink Pearl Girl's Migraine World

MaxJerz said...

You are absolutely right, Pam. That YouTube video is a great one - I forwarded it to DBF and will be publicizing it as much as I can. Thanks for posting it!


Anonymous said...

My mom had a mimi-stroke the day before she had a major one and died- One symptom they don't tell you about is when their personality changes and they either cry, speak "baby-talk" or act completely out of character. My mom was speaking bab-talk and didn't have any of the usual signs and symptoms of a stroke- so I had no idea- she also could not remember doing so- and when my hubby had his mini- stroke- he started crying for no reason- which is completely out of character for him. So sometimes you can have other symptoms and not know it.

PS There are many times where women especially have flu like symptoms and get a little dizzy- but yet are in full stroke mode and don't know it.

Please get your loved ones or yoruself to the ER asap if any of this occurs.