Saturday, July 12, 2008

call for submissions - tell your own story

Fellow chronic illness blogger Leslie, over at Getting Closer to Myself, has put out a call for submissions.



Are you:
- A woman in your twenties or thirties who has a chronic illness, or
- A woman who is older, but was diagnosed with a chronic illness in your twenties or thirties?
- Are you either one of those and you blog about your illness?

If so, I am working on a project collecting essays from women about their experience with chronic illness. There are many books available that chronicle the story of one person. And they are great, but… I’m interested in providing women like me with a variety of stories that they can relate to. Although the diseases and symptoms may be different, the overall experience of chronic illness is very similar. I am also interested in having people tell their own stories.

These stories should be in your own words! Tell it well and tell it from the heart!!!

I know I would love to see a book like this come to fruition, so please consider sending her your story. Full details and submission requirements can be found at the original post: Getting Closer to Myself: Call For Submissions!!!

Be well,


Ellen Schnakenberg said...

Great info MJ! I'll pass this along in my blog too...


Leslie said...

Thanks, MJ! And as per your comment on the post, I would love for you to be a part of the project!