Sunday, August 17, 2008

a bullet-point update

I'm a bit behind on posting, so let's see if I can summarize in a concise way.

  • On a related note, How To Cope With Pain is accepting entries for the August Pain Blog Carnival. No theme, just your favorite post. The deadline is August 22, so submit your entry here.
  • The August Headache and Migraine Blog Carnival at Diana Lee's Somebody Heal Me. This month's theme is "when people don't 'get' Migraine disease". Some great reads here as well (I'm still working through it). Once again, yours truly missed the submission deadline, so you'll have to wait for next month to see me included.
  • Diana Lee is now accepting entries for September's Headache and Migraine Blog Carnival. September's theme is "your best tips on improving communication between patients and their doctors". Entries are due by September 5, and you can submit them here.
  • Marijke Durning over at Help My Hurt has a new feature, the Topic of the Month. This month's is "how can you find help for your pain?" Check it out and comment with your ideas here.
  • Another plug for Help My Hurt. Marijke posted about the closing of the midwifery program at Miami Dade College in Florida. Read her full post here, including what you can do to help protect a woman's right to choose her method of delivery.
  • If you're a blogger on chronic illness, be sure to check out Invisible Illness Blog's call for submissions. National Invisible Illness week is coming up next month, and it's up to us to publicize it! Any CI sufferer, or their loved ones, will find great information at their website, here.
Okay, I think that's it for now. I hope to update again soon on a more personal level.

Be well,


Leslie said...

Hey MJ,
You weren't kidding about catching up on my posts. I really appreciate your close reading and all of your comments. Again, all I can say is that as unfortunate as it is, I do appreciate the commiseration.
Leslie said...

Hey MJ - I want to invite you to be part of my virtual book tour. What is your email address? Rosalind

Libby said...

Hi, i just read your article in the Invisible Illness newsletter they send out and wanted to thank you for your article about not letting our illnesses define us.
thank you for sharing. It was very well written and was an encouragement and reminder to me