Tuesday, February 10, 2009

your help requested: Team Eye and Ear

I'll be going off the topic of Migraines today to raise awareness for another cause close to my heart.

Two of my family members are running the Boston Marathon this spring. They are fundraising for Team Eye and Ear, the charity team for Massachusetts Eye and Ear. So far, they've done an excellent job of raising money toward their goal, but I'm asking all of you dear readers to consider a donation to their team.

Why did they pick Team Eye and Ear? On their fundraising page, they explain:
Monica had sudden vision loss as a teenager caused by a degenerative cornea condition. Her doctor at the time told her she would eventually lose her sight in one eye and would need a cornea transplant. After moving to Massachusetts in 2001, Monica came to Mass. Eye and Ear to get a second opinion and transfer her care to our doctors. Her doctors and the staff at Mass. Eye and Ear gave her hope, telling her that she would not necessarily lose her vision and that there were things she could do to help prevent it. Monica explains, “Going to a world class institution and seeing the doctors who are really aware of and involved with cutting-edge research has made such a difference in the care I’ve received, and I want the opportunity to give back by raising funds to help continue that research.”

Please take a minute to check out their fundraising page and consider donating. Even $5 can make a difference!

Thanks, everyone!

More about Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.
More about the Boston Marathon.
Donate here.

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