Wednesday, October 21, 2009

action alert: express Migraine to Congress

Betsy Blondin, editor of the excellent book Migraine Expressions, has put together a great way for us Migraineurs to increase our visibility with Congress. Betsy's efforts come at a terrific time, right on the heels of Cindy McCain "going public" with her Migraine disease.

This timely advocacy effort is called "Express Migraine to Congress", and it is very simple. Anyone can purchase a copy of Migraine Expressions and designate a specific member of the House or Senate to receive this book. Betsy is offering these books for Congress at a reduced price ($18.95) and will include a $1 donation to the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy for every book purchased through this effort.

Last week, I purchased one of these books, which is now on its way to Senator Patty Murray (a member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee). Betsy is keeping track of which members of Congress have been sent books so our efforts aren't duplicated.

I realize that in this difficult economy, you may not have room in your budget to purchase one of these books. If you do have the money, please consider sending a book to Congress. If you don't, please consider making a small donation to ADHA, or even just write a letter to your members of Congress. Betsy has kindly published a sample cover letter and given us permission to copy and paste it in our own letters. Every little bit helps, and now is a great time to join our efforts.

Let's show Congress that Cindy McCain has 36 million other Americans who are also desperately seeking a cure for Migraines!

Purchase a copy of Migraine Expressions HERE.
A list of the members of the Senate (including who has already received a book) HERE.
A list of the members of the House (including who has already received a book) HERE.
Betsy's blog post about Express Migraine to Congress HERE.
Betsy's sample cover letter to Congress HERE.

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